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Plastics Revolution with Tammy Ven Dange

Sep 17, 2019

Why would an injection moulding plastics manufacturer suddenly decide to change his business strategy in favour of recycled and circular materials?

After all, manufacturing with recycled materials is hard. There’s no guarantee for continuity of supply, the quality of feedstock can be inconsistent, processing degrades quality, and there’s always a risk that contamination can impact colour.

My guest, Royston Kent is an outdoors enthusiast and the co-founder and CEO of B&C Plastics.  His business is a product development and plastics manufacturing company based in Brisbane Australia.  Royston was in this industry for more than a decade when he and his business partner, Bob Halsall decided to buy B&C which was an undermanaged company at the time.

Today Royston’s company is actively recommending to his clients the use of recycled plastic feedstock, as well as promoting circular lifecycle opportunities of the products.  Yet, this wasn’t always the case.  And even now, it’s quite unusual in the plastics manufacturing industry in general.

In this episode, Royston shares his business journey and why he’s had a recent change of heart that has completely changed his company’s strategic direction – one that is putting sustainability in the heart of all they do.

Companies, Organisations and Products Mentioned in this Podcast:

B&C Plastics
Five Oceans
MAPET - Food grade PET plastic
Plastic Bank


Full Transcript: 

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Hosted by Tammy Ven Dange
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